The AIM-FOR System

Step by Step
  • 1 - Learn the mindset required for success with the courses
  • 2 - Get consistent high performances with the free Mobile APP
  • 3 - Manage mindsets with the AIM-FOR Web Hub
  • 4 - Support your people with the Safety Net

The AIM-FOR system

Aim-For’s digital platforms maximise players' and coaches potential for success by providing the tools to develop and manage psycho-social performance and well-being. Each platform can be used individually, or as an integrated system.

  • The Mindset courses develop the psychological skills required to achieve success in football. Access the course and supporting resources for a full year.

  • The Aim-For App encourages players to plan, prepare, and reflect on their performances, motivating them to master their mindset and grow their game. (due Jan 2021)

  • The Monitoring hub helps Academy directors and Heads of Coaching  to track the progress of players individually and as a team (due Quarter 1 2021).

  • The Safety Net provides mental health resources and support for the whole club. Easy access to all the clubs existing digital resources for the club.
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