The Performers Development Web Hub

Players, manage your mental game.
Coaches, Psychologists connect with your performers.
  • Artificially intelligent
    feedback machine and human
  • Get your team(s) mentally
    on the same page
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The hub due third quarter 2021

Available to all roles within the club: players, coaches, psychologists and DOC/Heads of coaching. The platform is used to monitor and measure players using a Pillars model questionnaire. Immediate AI feedback is provided for the user as well as a way to further reflect on the findings. Developmental resources also exist 24/7 for the users to develop their mental skills. Questionnaires are differentiated for younger and older age groups.

The coach is able to start a dialogue in order to try and deal with any performance issues the players may be facing.  With permission data can be made available to Psych support and DOC's in order for them to have a full view of the mindset of all their teams and players.

  • Track your performers
  • 360 Feedback
  • Coach development
  • Connect with the AIM-FOR APP
  • Monitor their well-being
  • Improve their performances

    For players, coaches, clubs and the team behind the team. 

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