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Achievement in Mind

Everyone is a performer and we all need to manage our mental health. 
Our digital toolkit is designed to support individuals and organisations with both.



Learn how to develop a mindset which will improve your performance with our interactive and engaging online courses.


Support your organisation with a platform which provides information and advice for managing mental wellbeing and other lifestyle issues.


Plan for success, monitor your development, and learn how to improve performance.
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The 4 Pillars is a measuring and monitoring web platform which guides you through your own personal development journey.


We provide the digital tools to support and develop the performance and mental health of your organisation.




Mental HEalth Support


We enable you to support your people with resources for them to identify, manage, and address mental health issues and challenges.

The Safety Net for Business, Sport and Education

Performance, mental health and well-being courses

Online education

E-Learning Courses

Learn the skills you need to master your profession and thrive in your career.

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Learn the skills you need to master your game and thrive.

For you, all day, everyday.

The 4 Pillars

The 4 Pillars Platform


Do you want to be able to monitor the psychological performance and well-being of your performers? Would you like to have better visibility of exactly where your performers are at?

What do our clients think?

"The Aim-For e-learning course provides all young professional footballers with an enjoyable way to get a better psychological understanding of their performance in football, as well as how to deal with the rewards and the setbacks."
"I like how there was a lot of information in such a short lesson, but I did not feel overwhelmed by the information. "
AM Under 18 Cricket
"The Safety Net is good because people can get advice in private as they can use it at home which makes it more approachable for young people who may be scared or shy."
MS Year 11 pupil
"Our PFA Safety Net provides players of all ages in professional football club academies with excellent resources helping them understand and deal with mental health and well-being challenges and other relevant issues."


Some of the people we work with

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Frequently asked questions

What sports have you got courses for? 

We currently have football and cricket, we are looking to add basketball very soon.

What age groups can take the courses?

All the content is delivered in a way that is fully accessible to individuals post 14 and also younger children when supported by a parent/carer. For other accessibility issues or requirements please use the contact form. Purchase of the course should be made by an adult in line with our terms and conditions.

How can I purchase your courses for my team or my club?

f you are an administrator, teacher, coach, or trainer, you can make bulk purchases of our positive psychology content with special discounts available. Depending on your unique needs and age groups, we can provide bespoke courses specifically designed for your students. Please contact us.

How long will the performance and well-being course take?

Previous users have completed the course in 2 to 4 hours across a day or 2 or longer timeframe if necessary. Users can complete the course using various devices from fully responsive mobile to desktop, with progress being saved every time the user leaves the course.

Can I purchase your courses as an individual?

Absolutely, for the first time, we are now offering individuals the opportunity for learning and growth. Typically, only employees, athletes, and students of businesses or institutions that have purchased our eLearning programme could take advantage of everything that AIM–FOR has to offer, but we’re now able to open up our platform to help develop individual mindsets. In keeping with our mission, we believe that everyone deserves accessible developmental mental health education and support.

Can I use your platforms via mobile?

All our platforms are fully responsive and available on mobiles and other devices. Our APP will work on iOS and Android OS and all the remaining platforms are web based working on mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Who uses the Safety Net 

The Safety Net is contextualised according to your needs and has 3 distinct markets, Sport, Business and Education. The common theme between the different sectors is a desire to provide support for all their employees, students and staff, coaches and performers especially the 60% who are reluctant to seek help from others.

Can we purchase our own Safety Net? 

Of course the purpose of the Safety Net is to provide ALL your people with a safe place to get help for any mental health or lifestyle issue they may be facing. And find out what to do next. We tailor the Safety Net for your people and your organisation. We also allow you to use your brand to encourage engagement.